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“Absorbed in the joy of being,

for the sake of being absorbed in joy.”

Return to the Essence, Be in Presence, Bathe in Peace

"Initiating a quantum shift from mind to awareness, 

returning to the essence, we enter the Sacred. 

Peace arises effortlessly. 

Simply a matter of remembering,
Simply a matter of choosing to BE in peace, 

Simply a matter of saying yes to being in presence. 

In the Presence of Love, no doing is necessary;
In the Presence of Love, Peace arises through Being." 


There is great suffering happening all around the globe, without any end appearing in sight, and it appears to be escalating at an insane rate. In the face of adversity, trauma or crisis, such as the world is witnessing during these current times, choosing to cultivate an inner sanctuary of peace is a most powerful remedy for resolution. 


Peace on earth is absolutely dependent upon the dedication to the awakening of Inner Peace. Establishing a Peace Treaty with oneself, between 2 or more people, between cultures or between nations is reliant upon Inner Peace becoming a benchmark reality. Once one tastes it, knows it, embodies it, one will recognise that Peace is the most valuable treasure, the most powerful energy on Planet Earth right now, as it always has been. Once we remember our deepest longing, we will recognise that Peace is priceless beyond measure. 


It is becoming more and more a vital commodity and an urgent necessity for nourishment, for protection, for sanity, for creating a stable foundation physically, psychologically, metaphysically and spiritually. 


Hence it is an existential necessity choosing to be in peace right here, right now… without postponing. The world is in desperate need of Emissaries of Peace, with little to no time for postponing. Emissaries are needed who are dedicated to embodying loving-kindness, compassion and spreading the fragrance of peace to all. All sentient beings are being breathed and unconditionally given vital life by the Great Mystery of Life… the Sacred One. We are all worthy of being treated as Sacred.


The peace that is being referred to here is Universal Peace… that which is beyond the pettiness and ignorance of separative thinking. It transcends the concept of colour, creed and caste. For peace universally emanates from a state of unified consciousness that dissolves all conflict, unifies all hearts and unveils our innate unity... humanities deepest longing.


Regardless of the nature of one’s suffering, to choose the power of inner peace, is to be empowered in the most existential and sacred manner possible. It illuminates and initiates our resolve in all possible circumstances. It will bring about an inner transformation and profound consciousness transcendence of suffering. 


If this is not the milieu and primary dedication in life, then the question remains… “Am I choosing to remain fixated and lost in the temporal world of doing or am I devoted to a life purpose of awakening and remembering who I am at the core of my authentic being?”

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